Social Media Toolkit for Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and we use social media to share education and awareness about men’s health issues around the world. You can help us spread the message by using this social media toolkit — it’s packed with example Tweets, pictures, Facebook posts and health resource links. Download the 2017 toolkit or scroll below.

Please help share! Also, please feel free to customize and/or use your own, unique ways to help the cause. The goal is always the same: Help the men you know live healthier, happier lives.


Below are pictures you can use throughout the month and during the build up awareness campaign (click to enlarge):



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Common hashtags: #MensHealthMonth and #ShowUsYourBlue

  • It’s the 23rd anniversary of Men’s Health Week! How’d it start? #MensHealthMonth #ShowUsYourBlue
  • June is all about the fellas—it’s #MensHealthMonth where we raise awareness on health issues impacting boys & men.
  • Men’s Health Week is right around the corner 6/12-6/18. Show your support of raising awareness for men’s health issues by wearing Blue June 16.
  • June is Men’s Health Month! Send us pictures wearing Blue to show your support. #MensHealthMonth #ShowUsYourBlue
  • Think there aren’t health disparities between men & women? Men die five years faster than women. #MensHealthMonth
  • Women outlive men by five years. What can be done to fix that? #MensHealthMonth #ShowUsYourBlue
  • It’s #MensHealthMonth. See our checklist of things to do to help raise awareness about men’s health. #ShowUsYourBlue
  • June 12-18 is #MensHealthWeek. Show your support by planning a “Wear Blue Day” to raise awareness. #ShowUsYourBlue
  • Did you know #MensHealthMonth and Men’s Health Week passed Congress nearly 23 years ago?
  • Hey guys! It’s #MensHealthMonth . Perfect time to set your routine doctor’s appointment and get peace of mind!
  • Eat right. Exercise daily. Visit the doctor. Stay healthy. Stay strong. RT and #ShowUsYourBlue #MensHealthMonth
  • Blue isn’t just a color. On 6/16 you can wear blue @work to show support for men’s health awareness. #ShowUsYourBlue
  • Women are more likely than men to visit a doctor. RT #MensHealthMonth to help change that! –>
  • Don’t like seeing the doctor? You’re not alone. But we all need to man up and schedule annual visits. #MensHealthMonth
  • Guys: Set a healthy example for the kids and family. Be healthy, #ShowUsYourBlue and visit the doctor. #MensHealthMonth
  • More exercise. Less junk food. Wise up for #MensHealthMonth and #ShowUsYourBlue
  • Many health conditions can be prevented or detected early with regular checkups. Make prevention a priority! #MensHealthMonth1 in 2 men get cancer in their lifetime. Women? 1 in 3. Let’s change the statistics. #MensHealthMonth
  • 1 in 2 men get cancer in their lifetime. Women? 1 in 3. Let’s change the statistics. #MensHealthMonth


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Did you know June is #Men’sHealthMonth? This month there is heightened awareness on preventable health problems, early detection, and treatment of diseases impacting men and boys. See how you can support #MensHealthMonth and the #ShowUsYourBlue Campaign

#ShowUsYourBlue to help us celebrate the 23rd anniversary of #MensHealthWeek! President Clinton signed it into law in 1994. The goal hasn’t changed: Encourage men everywhere to make health a priority, and live a happier life #MensHealthMonth –>

June is all about the fellas because it’s #MensHealthMonth. See these tips of easy things you can do during the month to help raise awareness about men’s health issues like prostate & testicular health and general wellbeing.

#ShowUsYourBlue and spread the message of #MensHealthMonth! Wear and share pictures of things that are blue, and tell the men in your life how to be healthy and happy. –> #MensHealthMonth

Guys, when is the last time you went to the doctor? Did you know young men in particular should at least have annual checkups? June is Men’s Health Month—the perfect time to get those annual checkups. See this list of things doctors wish they could tell guys who don’t get their checkups done.  #MensHealthMonth

It’s Men’s Health Month all June. Wanna get involved and help raise #awareness about health issues impacting men and boys? Check out these easy things to do all month long.


Men’s Health Week Post (Do not use after June 17)

June 12-18 is all about Men because it’s Men’s Health Week. See how you can support raising awareness for men’s health issues by wearing Blue June 16 at work. #ShowUsYourBlue
Blue isn’t just a color—in fact, on June 16 blue can help raise awareness about health issues impacting men like prostate and testicular cancers. Join the #ShowUsYourBlue campaign by wearing blue to work Friday, June 16.

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